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Pandora Timeshifting for all non US citizens


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Well it took me some time to get pandora working again after they blocked all international listeners and get over my lazyness and try this awesome Pandoras Jar application i heard of.  So today i finally decided to give it a try, and guess what, i managed it to work after just a few tries. So for this great service i got, i decided to give something back and try to write a little guide "How to get Pandoras Jar working in your country".  I hope i get this done properly cause english is not my native language, but i will try my best.  So here we go.

Step 1

Download and install the TOR network client.

1.  Get TOR here, download the Tor & Privoxy & Vidalia bundle: 0. 1. 2. 15, found in the Table at the bottom of the page.

2.  Launch the Vidalia Bundle Exe, choose your language and install "TOR", "Vidalia", and "Privproxy", you dont need "Torbutton".  Now choose your folder and continue with the installation.  After that activate the "launch Application" checkbox and finish the installation.

3.  Next there will a privproxy window pop up on your screen, close it, it then goes to your tray. You now should have two new icons in your tray, one blue with a white P (thats the privproxy) and one green onion (thats the vidalia TOR client). Now you are connected to the TOR Network, to use it properly you need a few more settings.

FYI about TOR:

Quote from Wikipedia.com

Tor (The Onion Router) is a free software implementation of second-generation onion routing — a system enabling its users to communicate anonymously on the Internet.

But what we really want is not beeing anonymized, we want to make pandora think we are living in the US.  So we have to make sure that the last Proxy is located in the US and if its a fast one wouldnt be that bad either.

4. So what you do is following, right click the green onion in your tray and choose settings, got to the advanced tab and locate your TOR configuration file. (the Folder may be hidden) Open this file with the text editor, after ExitNodes your write down your preffered proxies. i. e. ExitNodes desync, lefkada . To find the best proxies, right click the green onion icon in your tray and open the Network Map.  Now arrange the list for the countries of the servers, scroll down to the US, pick your servers and write them into the TOR configuration file. Finally put this line at the end of your configuration file: StrictExitNodes 1 with this line you force the use of the choosen servers.

You still may get the message that you are outside the US, if that is the case right click the green onion and get a new identity.

Now your TOR Network is ready for some grabbing but is your browser too?

Step 2

Setting up firefox to use the TOR network only for connections to pandora.

1. Get and install FoxyProxy here.

2. Relaunch Firefox and go to the configuration of Foxy Proxy. Click "New Proxy" in the Proxies Tab.

3. General Tab - Activate all three checkboxes and give your proxy a name (i.E. Tor).

4. Proxy Details Tab - Choose Manual Proxy Configuration, your hostname is: localhost port: 9050 check SOCKS proxy? and choose SOCKS v5

5. Patterns Tab - Create patterns with the same settings as shown below.


Step 3

Installing Pandoras Jar.

Well cant say much about this, all i have done is download the Pandora's Jar Ver: 7.4.0 Beta from this Thread. Installed the Flash Version Switcher found here run Flash 8.0r24 and it worked like a charm, well one little mistake i did was that i didnt specify my Pandora Username "doh", so Cruise Control didnt work. But i found the mistake and now i am a damn happy guy. :D

I hope i could help some people with this guide.

Credits going to Razor512 for his installer of Pandoras Jar and to some guy called msteven who wrote the TOR guide to pandora in german.

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You are Big!!

You can find the file "torrc".

In my PC,it was found "C:Documents and SettingsMy AccountApplication DataVidalia".

I only added the Network nickname at the end of it.

For ex. ,

"ExitNodes whistlersmother,BostonUCompSci"

I am not good in English,so apologize.

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Az was right, it may be that the folder where the file should be found is hidden. Ift thats the case do the following:

open up any folder->

select tools from the top menu->

select folder options->

select the view tab->

scroll down until you see a check box to hide selected folders, you can now check and uncheck this as you please to hide or unhide folders and files.

The easiest way to find the file is written in the howto:

"right click the green onion in your tray and choose settings, got to the advanced tab and locate your TOR configuration file"

Hope i could help.

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Hi TehEsco,

I needed a few days to familiarize with it all but TorK's "First-Run Wizard" was quite helpful

at the begining:  the NickNames from USA were relatively easily collected to be added to

my '/etc/tor/torrc' configuration file and i also made an important addition:  it turns out that

"StrictExitNodes 1" should prevent slipping out of USA...  But what a headhache i have now!


Anyway, my .mo/.lzm module works on Slax, NimbleX and BackTrack in a satisfying way as

long as i just want to listen to Pandora and put aside a few temporary MP3 audio files but

i'm afraid that making the "Grab this Track" button work again is too much of a challenge for

me.  Ha, and TOR must be up-to-date (v0.1.2.16) because of a security risk, i heard...

Good Day!  :)

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This site generates an .ISO CD image on-line which can

include 'Firefox v2.0', 'Tor & Privoxy', 'Tork v0.10'

and 'Torbutton'.  Just choose "Custom", select every

single category if you wish to explore and choose later

then finish up by picking a WallPaper - and perhaps an

alternate KDE language if needed.  It can't be simpler:

Custom NimbleX 2 Live CD Generator


Now here's the catch, i don't know how one is supposed

to control TorK so that he would connect through USA

only.  If you find out how, get the package which i've

published here a few days ago and use '/etc/tor/torrc'

in order to use a larger server-base than the two from

a previous post:  we can't all suck juice from the very

same guy, after all!  Of course, don't forget the Java

(JRE) support when generating a Slax-based Live CD...


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I found a great addition to FoxyProxy config on another site:

Add the following 3 blacklist entries:

*audio-*pandora. com

*pandora. com/images/*

*. swf*

After that, the pandora mp3 files will be downloaded directly without the tor proxy, which results in higher bandwiths for you and it saves the valueable bandwith for the tor network which I think was not designed for web radio but for anonymous surfing ;-)

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