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Weird Route Issue


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I had a really weird problem last night, trying to help someone over the internet. They previously had viruses which were properly quarantined and removed with Norton Corporate Edition v.7 I believe. A couple days after they were removed Norton would spit out these random notifications saying it found something within the system volume (e.g. C:System_restore{004539023-CCAD-9823423F} ) that is the info in the notification and then quarantined are a bunch of weird files (A00094990.exe)

I had this problem sometime ago on one of my machines running 2k3 and was able to solve it by removing the registry entries... (I think) I couldn't remember exactly, but I removed a registry entry after searching for the first set of numbers in the above (e.g.) then the folder that was contained in I just removed the whole folder. I believe it was called something like KeystoNotDelete or KeystoRemove something like that. After that this person wasn't able to access the internet at all, but did have a valid IP.

We tried a system restore to a couple previous dates as far as a month back which failed back that far. Rebuilt the tcp/ip stack, still nothing. Then today I guess it was fine and able to access the internet.

I am just curious if anyone has any idea what could have prevented this machine from accessing the internet being that it had valid ip information and I thought the registry key I removed only associated with norton? 

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