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Question.. Im at a school where novell is used to login to the file servers.. or used to gain access to school files. The security manager bet me I couldnt get on the network.. But I cracked the wep and I have access to internet and all (with firewall restrictions) I can get past those, but what i would like to do is get on the file servers.(after i told him what i did he changed the bet..) I can see them with an ip which i can get, but my student id wont work... My friend a mac user actually managed to crash his mac.. or the network did. Our school has a reactive server. He attacked it so it attacked him. What would the best linux distro be to gain access to network files? or is there a way to emulate novell on a computer without installing it? I could partition my hdd to have a novell install but i dont want to do that... Help would be nice!

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If it is a windows box, you could try an ARP attack and see if you can capture any passwords used to logon to the shares. Not sure if it would work, but (even though it is a bit sripp kiddie) give Cain a shot in combo with Wireshark. See what happens.

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