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About that link O posted(http://www.joost.com/presents/techcrunch/)

This is the email you get followed by a link to Download the software.

TechCrunch and Joost are inviting you to participate in the

Joost beta testing program.

As you may know, Joost is a project that we think will completely

revolutionize the way you watch TV. Joost brings you full-screen,

high-quality TV on your PC or Mac - combined with the best interactive

and community features of the Internet.

We hope you'll join our beta-testing program and help us put the

finishing touches on Joost. This is still a private, invitation-only

beta, and the software is being rigorously tested, so we very much

value your opinions and appreciate your feedback.

You can download the Joost software right away, by clicking on the

link below. You'll find instructions for installing and running the

software on our download pages.

So its just for the testing? What will they do after then? am I going to need a actually invite code? should I of search the forums before I hit 'Post'?

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Demonoid invites...






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