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IPTV Documentary Idea [Updated]


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Well, this morning I was watching a few Hacker Documentaries from a folder on my hard drive, and wondered whether or not I should include such pieces of IPTV like Hak5's Pure Pwnage episode in the documentary folder. Then it hit me. Why isn't there a documentary about IPTV yet?

The main premise is to be an informational video about why people got into iptv, how they do it, etc. It would be very easy because IPTV hosts just record themselves. All they would have to do is record themselves for maybe 15 minutes answering questions made in an interview style, perhaps discussing iptv terminology, how it has evolved etc.

I have recently partnered with Cody P Christian, and he has agreed to do all the editing while keeping a neutral standpoint, and not favoring any shows above others. Cody has worked in film and production for years, and has also had prior experience in the field of documentaries. The way this will all work is the Raw footage will be sent to him via the DV tapes (For best quality), or can be dumped on the filmer's end, encoded, and then uploaded to my / their ftp server. A standard for this encode will be discussed below. DV tapes are much prefered, though.

What I need from you guys, the iptv fans, if your ideas for questions, and basically what you would want to see. I'll need a list of questions for the iptv cast members to answer, what you want to know about, etc. Just think of what questions you would want to ask members from your favorite show about how they do it, and respond with them here.

Constructive criticism is encouraged. Nothing is set in stone. I'm also asking if you are an iptv host (Or know one), and are willing to be in this project,  let me know so I can make this more of a reality, and have some people backing me when I ask members of all our favorite shows.

Video requirements

A standard of 4:3 720x480 NTSC

Anything above this is fine, 16:9, HD, etc

The prefered encoding if DV tapes are not being sent is h.264 or Mpeg-4.

Xvid and most other standards will be fine, they will just require rencoding on my end.

People who have signed up to be in it

CodyPChristian (Hackcom, Production View)

Issue9ethan (Issue#9)

thetron (i386.tv)

Kudos, and thanks for reading this

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Excellent Idea Famicoman...

I think you covered a great question already...

"What made you decide to start an IPTV show?" and

"When did this idea occur to you?"

"what was your life's dream BEFORE you decided to do IPTV, and how has that helped you go into this direction, rather than the path you thought you wanted for your life?"

Other than that, I am not sure what else to suggest.

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I've never seen torrent, but I thought they just did segments of shows. What I'm trying to get is people's reason behind why they do shows amongst other things.

Also, from now on if you are solid in the fact you'd be willing do do some footage for this project, pm me. I take it you are thetron, so I shall add you now

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