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DIY Wood/Electric Go Kart


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Hey, I have been recently thinking of making a wood electric go kart just for fun and my friends and siblings. Does anyone know where would be a good place to start? I have searched google up and down and it's not giving me anything good. I am not a big fan of welding, so it can't be metal. Gas is very expensive these days, so I decided to stick with electric. Thanks!

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I always fancied using a sewing machine foot pedal as an accelerator... Only thing I'm not sure about with those is exactly how they work and what kind of resistance they have...

Perhaps with a small circuit for a psuedo gearbox (so it gives you more of a range of speeds, if you wanted to go slower you could drop a "gear", easier to impliment than a real gearbox but less effective).

Still, a couple of 12/24v batteries and something like that, a couple of motors, some wheels/tires, brakes, steering, you're good to go. It's a really basic plan as far as karts can go, you might not want the motors driven directly by the motors, you might want 2/4 wheel drive, etc, there's a whole bunch of decisions you could make depending on how much you've got to spend and what the kart's for.

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