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Help, need all the episodes of Hak.5!!!


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OK, I had all the episodes downloaded, and I had a hard drive fail, and I lost alot of videos the I had downloaded, and I had the HAK.5 on it too and lost them.

Tired downloading them from you site, but I get a 404 error, and some of the torrents dont work either.

Please help!!!

new user


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I can't speak for anyone else, but it's kinda a refreshing breath of air to have a problem posed in such a logical, and coherant way. You didn't use all caps, your grammar was easy to understand, as was your spelling, and you asked politely.

You put effort into your thread, so don't think that you're being a burden dude, y'all are welcome here, and I'm sure everyone's happy to help :D

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Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!

Just Read where you have your videos on the DIVX website, Now I can download them all and have them back again to watch, and share with me friends.

Thank you Thank you!!!

Keep up all the good work, great shows, and keep all your guys/girls lovely smiling faces on the internet.

(crys a small river of happiness)

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