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HDD Player

Ethan Hunt

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K people, I'm little emberresed that I found out about this so late but anyway I thought of asking you 4 your opinions b4 I decide 2 buy the thing. You probably know by the title I’m talking about a HDD Player. I’m in China at the moment so I saw it in a couple of stores yesterday and wanted to ask you all for your opinion on the gadget. Is it worth buying, is the picture and sound quality ok, is there something (model wise) that I should be careful of when buying and stuff like that. It’s really cheap so I’ll get one sure, but there are so many different models that I have to hear some1s opinion b4 I get it. I know it doesn’t have a HDD inside but I have 1 small 2.5” laptop hard disk on disposal so I’ll use that1. The most important thing that bothers me is that the thing is so small that I just can’t understand how the hell they fit all the controllers and stuff needed to read the HDD and translate the data into a video and audio signal… Technology is getting so advanced by the hour… Damn… Ok, so please reply ASAP with any comments or first hand experiences (good or bad) with the gadget so that I can have a piece of mind whether to buy it or not. Thanks.

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Some pics or more info on the ones your talking about...

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Yes, buy this product, after reviewing the staggering amount of information you provided I can be sure that not only will it automatically pirate TV shows before they are aired, it will also solve world hunger and summon Jesus with the push of a button.

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Cuz of the fact that you are calling it "this product" VaKo u obviously don't know what I'm talking about. And if u read my 1st post at least twice I'm looking 4 some1 that knows what a HDD Player is, has seen/owned 1 to give me some information on it. And I didn't need some1 who has no idea to tell me of my lack of info. Thanks for the wonderfull ideas that u posted though, I'll tell them to implement that into the next version :P

As for info on the gadget itself: It's just like a box that holds HDDs and makes them a portable memory with the difference that this thing has VGA and composite OUT and u can connect it 2 a PC monitor or TV directly and play movies off the HDD inside without the need 4 a PC. There are some that play dvix things or dvd things, or even view pictures. They have (as far as I saw) audio (headphones) connectors and a couple of other IN/OUTs but I didn't quite see what they were.

Assuming that this version of the product can:

pirate TV shows before they are aired, it will also solve world hunger and summon Jesus with the push of a button.
I'm deffinately buying this thing.
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