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Video editing proggys?


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We use Sony Vegas and I've got to say it's wonderful. Just as powerful as finalcut pro or premiere yet intuitive enough that anyone can jump right in without a big thick manual at your side. Have fun and experiment. Believe it or not it's powerful enough to do simple compositing. The transitions for Hak.5 we're all done in Vegas. I can't wait for you guys to see the season2 intro too, it's killer.

Anyway, if your not looking to spend any money there is always imovie on mac and windows movie maker on windows but my vote is for vegas.

I don't know of any full featured open source video editors but if anyone else does I'd love to hear about it.


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My mom tried to play with Windows Movie Maker (wasn't it Microsoft Movie Maker?) but it lacked a _lot_ of features. She then moved to some Magix movie editing program that set her back about 100 euros, but was workable. Playing around with sound in there however really sucked ass.

Now she's using Avid that she got a great deal on through my uncle who's in the TV making business. It's got a price tag that can get you a VERY decent computer, but then again, it's what the pro's use. And I can understand why. That program just plain ROCKS! It can do everything and do it well. Takes some time to get the hang of it though, as for me looking on over my moms shoulder it didn't seem intuitive at all.

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I use Vegas, too. The programm is EXCELLENT. Not very cheap, but very good and ( in a way ) easy to use. Adobe Premiere is nice, too. But it costs more then Vegas and is damn hard. Dude, I hate this programm :D It's good, but verrry unclearly.

Opensource? How about VirtualDub? :shock: It's very good for encoding, but thats all. Ye, thats the reason, why it is an encoding tool. But you can cut videos, too. :lol:

I've tested many other programms, but the most were crap. Very crap.

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I use Final Cut Pro for a bulk of things but I have Sony Vegas on my PC and it’s a really nice programme other then that I’ve played around with Adobe Premier and it’s nice how it works with Adobe Audition and Adobe After Effects but generally speaking any of the above software will do the job well.

If your on a Linux box then Cinelerra is very good.

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after effects is nice but it doesnt fit into our workflow. im really stretching vegas's abilities in terms of compositing but it works and once the intro is done it's done and i don't have to mess with it again so, im just working with what ive got. i know a screwdriver would be more elegant but right now ive got a hammer and a deadline ;)

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