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For a Electronics piece of coursework. I have to make something electronic (obviousily) In my case, I'm a keen modder. Also, I have to make it with the things I have in my storage cupboard (As I cba going to the electronics shop) Here's what I currently have:

*1x Ethernet Cable

*1x Uk Modem Cable (With some sort of adapter thing)

*1x S Video Cable

*1x Broken Ps2 (With all components still working)

*1x Ps2 Network Adapter

Any ideas? :lol:

I'll probably end up making a trip to the store later. Lol.



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I shall get working on it soon.

Got to write what I'm doing first tho'!

(Problem, solution, materials etc)



After closer looking, I'm not sure if the cable I have is a s-video cable, I'll get a pic of it, hold on.



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It does... but you may aswell use one of thoughs bus or token ring coax cables, it would work so much better with a composite connector. Also, realisitcly, it would be best to use a STP inplace of your avarage UTP cable for obviuse reasons.

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Not realy... wireless adapters requier a high level of software control to work as wireless adapters. You might be able to take it appart, steal it's transmiter and transmite sound/video of it, but i'm very unsure about that.

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I'll take it apart, and you can take a look.. tell me if you can see anything useful, lol... (This is our 2nd piece of electronics coursework, so I havn't learn much :()


Screw the pictures, the webcam sucks for quality ;(

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