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Hey I'm a n00b and I've been reading some of the threads.  I've used some of the different switchblades and hacksaw and tried using pocket knife (thanks to the guys who worked on these) but all  I really want to do is set up my USB so that if it gets lost, 2 things can happen:

-it can be returned to me by an honest person (if there are any left)

-if they try to crack my password or not contact me, I recieve their IP, passwords, whatever (revenge purposes)

I've figured out most of this stuff but really just need some code/suggestions to cutomize SW/HS etc.

I appreciate anything you can throw me. . .

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One of the more creative uses of the USB Switchblade is the Folding@Home capability. I once read an article about a software programmer who just happened to have SETI@Home installed on his wife's laptop that was stolen. Long story short, when the thieves logged into the internet with the stolen laptop and the screen-saver was activated, SETI went into effect. The laptop automatically logged itself into the SETI@Home account and displayed it's new IP. The ISP was contacted, records were seized, thieves got arrest, the laptop got returned. I do not know why you would go through all this trouble for (what should be) a 512mb flash-drive.

If you are worried about a lost Switchblade and revenge is your primary concern; I would set the payload to e-mail you (a junk Yahoo account) the captured logs/passwords (as well as store them on the USB). It may not be stealthy, but I hope it helped. Heres the SETI article:


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