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Trying to export wireless settings to import on guest users


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I'm trying to figure out a good way to export wireless wep/ssid settings to a usb to quickly configure on guest vendors, etc. 

Does anyone have any idea how to force the use of windows wireless zero configuration from the command line after starting the service?  The service starts (I can use 'net start wzcsvc' to first start the service from the command line), but this still leave the 'use windows to configure my wireless network settings' unchecked when there is a third party wireless application running.  [Wireless Network Connection Properties > Wireless Networks tab]

This setting being unchecked causes the subsequent import of the settings to fail.  If I manually check the box and run again it works fine.  Does anyone know how to change this setting from the command line, or where this setting might be located in the registry to change it there? 

Or perhaps a small piece of software that performs this functionality?


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