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Re-Compiling Linux App For Windows


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Cygwin is probally your best bet unless you want to learn how to port the entire thing (+ dependancys) over to windows (cool project, but a total mission). But to be totally honest, if you just want to run the thing, use a posix os like it says.

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...? Come on mate, throw us a bone here. How are you trying to do it? What does it give you as an error message?

Windows isn't a posix environment, so stuff that is designed for posix will need to be re-designed (or ported) to run on windows. Install *nix on a VM on your windows machine, or have a play with cygwin. My knowledge of coding is "extremely limited"* to say the least, but even I can see the holes in this escapade.

*I can tweak makefiles and make custom kernels, thats about it.

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