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Putting Torrents into a headlock!


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Basically I have a 6meg cable line which is getting filled rather quickly from my roomates torrent connections.  I have a dd-wrt flashed linksys router, but it's not doing much to help me out on this issue.  I'm not sure what client my roomate is using, from my router logs it looks to use a different port to download and upload everytime.  So now here I am, thinking that I should go with a m0n0wall/smoothwall/ipcop solution.  Could this device let me shape Torrent traffic for all of my LAN (upload and download), and does it have the ability to let me limit my P2P roomates upload and download speeds?  Can these changes be made on the fly while I see the downloads start to kick in and have it take effect immediately?  How are you guys handling torrent abuse on your lans?

All repllies are appreciated.


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So what I think you are going for is a white list model.

Start by blocking absolutely every thing, then start unblocking commonly used ports for things. The obvious ones that spring to mind are: [80, 443, 53 (needed for web browsing)], 21 (FTP), 6667 (commonly used for IRC).

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QOS on my DD-WRT works fine atm, its what gave me broadband speeds while everyone else in the house was stuck back in dial up days. It will lose you 10-20% of your total bandwidth, but it does improve latency significantly. You just need to decided between speed and response time.

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We use IP Cop to shape P2P traffic at work; we tried Smoothwall but discovered IP Cops slightly better for traffic shaping. The client your room-mate is using is probably utorrent as it doesnt have to be installed & using default settings I think it changes ports every time it opens.

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