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removable device in batch script


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I'm working on my own payload also while in the process of familiarizing myself with batch scripting. I'm using a memorex U3 enabled drive right now with my payload on the cd partition of the drive. I'm wondering everything works fine, but parts of my payload need to write information to the drive.

How can I tell we'll say removable.bat how can I code that (file being on the cd partition of the drive) to write to the removable portion of the drive?

for example one thing I'm trying to write is:

ipconfig /all >> removable driveDocumentslogfilesip.txt

I tried

ipconfig /all >> Documentslogfilesip.txt

but that is seen as the cd partition so it isn't writable.

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first of all check out my payload, take a look at SRCgo.bat in the ISO. Have you considered how you are going to make this customizable? Take a look at how my payload works because you wont be able to comment out parts of the payload you don't want on a CDFS partition.

If you need any help just ask. If you want an explanation of any of my payload just ask I haven't commented go.bat very well

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Thanks alot GonZor, actually I remember looking through your payload not too long ago and it is really what inspired me to try to make my own. I will definitely keep in touch. Also I found a nice app very easy to use that converts .bat 2 .exe called QuickBFC


I'm mainly trying to familiar with batch scripting. Appreciate any help and will check out your payload when I get off work tonight:)

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