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Hey guys, I guess this one's for the mac user's. I had my first experience today with a wireless airport router. Not sure the model #. It only had 3 ports wired. As I'm trying to set it up for the customer I goto the network config to see what the gateway was, it was, I was using Safari to attempt to log in to it. However for nuttin on this world safari would not let me log into the router.

The customer trashed the box and the documentation didn't even mention the gateway address or login credentials. I finally found a section saying to goto Applications --> Utilities --> Airport Utility and that allowed me to manage it, but even after I configured it that way the SSID was still never broadcasting nor was I able to connect to it.

Oh guess I forgot to mention I was using a macbook lap-top which I'm clearly a n00b in the mac world. I guess my ? would be any idea why the SSID was not broadcasting? Also why I was unable to log in via the gateway in safari?

The wireless options didn't have any setting for ssid broadcast and modes were b, g and b/g, I had it set on b/g, tried b also.

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