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Windows 2000 Missing CD Rom Drive


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I recently sold a computer on eBay a few weeks ago and now the user is complaining that the CD-Rom drives do not work.  They worked fine for me as I had to install Windows 2000 from one of them.  After I installed 2000, I looked in the Device Manager to make sure everything was ready to go and the CD Drives were in "My Computer".  The lady now says that she checked the Device Manager and the drives are there and there are not any errors associated with them but they are not appearing in My Computer.  Any ideas on what I should tell her to do?  It is probably a simple fix however usually when I used to have these problems they were on my own PCs and they were so old that I just simply reformatted the hard drives and they were fixed.

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Aw crap, she is not going to know how to do that and to be honest I do not even remember how I set up the drives.  I will just have to offer her a return label and I will have to take a look at it to see exactly what was going on and resell it I guess.

Never mind, we got it fixed, the IDE Cable came loose during shipping.  Would have checked that first except she first told me that they were recognized in device manager :)

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