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Set up of e-mail for SwitchBlade


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You may have gotten some of the payloads mixed up.

http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki//USB_Hacksaw - Hacksaw This hack is based on a modified version of USBDumper. Once installed on a targert machine it will stay resident and wait for a USB flash drive to be inserted. Once a USB flash drive is inserted the hacksaw will download the contents of the drive to a temporary location using the modified USBDumper, then silently run the send.bat file located in the same directory, which will then archive the contents using RAR, eastablish an SSL SMTP connection to smtp.gmail.com using Stunnel and Blat, email the downloaded data to an email address, and remove the documents and archives.

Other payloads will simply use pwdump or another variant to dump the password hashes to a text file.

Hope this helps.

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