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Karma baby...


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I remember a while back people were complaining about the karma because we couldn't tell who gave who karma and why...

If you don't agree with something someone has written, hit quote, then type out your reasons. Thats what a forum is for, discussion. I might look into mods for it now as some very valid points have come up.

I don't know if you ever found a suitable mod but when i was looking for mods for my forums I found this


I've installed it and it seems to work really well, You can allow as much or as little information as u like about the karma given.

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Nah, I had a look at it, and I think its to meta to bother with. Given that its called "Pointless Karma System", I kinda like the anonmus nature of it, even with my root access to everything I can't tell you who voted in which way and I like it like that.

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