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MadTV Nails Apple and Bush in One Skit

Justin Ewing

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Personally, I’ve never been too fond of MadTV. It seems like a cheap knockoff of Saturday Night Live to me and I’m not surprised that most of its airtime is daytime TV. However, every once in a while, they get something truly genius. Their most recent stroke of brilliance: knocking the iPhone and the Bush Administration in one skit. Watch:


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Link is not working for me. Is this the one about the "iRack?" I have seen that one. It's brilliant.
yes. And the iRan
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Is anybody else sick of "i" products.  I hate hearing "I plugged my iPod into my iHome using my iCable to listen to my iTunes"

Thats just because you but to  many apple products!

wow that was really cockeyed... not sure how I managed that one.

That's just because you own way too many apple products!

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It's still on youtube. Just watched it again:

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