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Fraud - Create $60 out oft THIN AIR


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Here's his entire point in a nutshell for those who can't be bothered reading it:

You have to go through cashcrate's website and sign up for a gambling casino. You will have to piss away $50 on the casino. Cashcrate will pay you $110.

He tries to cover it up by saying that "you can make $60 by just imagining it"... but only if you go to cashcrate aswell.

How did you find this site anyway?

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Of course, the easiest way to run an online casino scam is to register with these professional "You put in $100, and we'll give you an extra $100 worth of chips", bet their $100 on a roulette game, either black or red. If you lose, you can take out your $100 and walk away without losing any money, if you win, you can take out your $100 and the $100 you just won, doubling your money without breaking your contract with them, as they usually don't let you take out the $100 worth of chips that they give you without gambling x amount of times.

Still, if your only way to make money is to scam online casinos, you really should look for a job.

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Maybe a good idea would be to remove the linkage from that first post? That way Google won't think it's a real link so if the person in question happens to be a spambot (and what other reason would there be to post crap like that here) we're not helping some freeloading asshole to increase his ranking.

Same goes for that ass that had a casino link in his sig.

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