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My Coding Project - F@H Monitor/Controller


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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my coding project.  Im coding a program that run in the tray as a monitor for F@H Service.  Right now it pretty much a controller that allows you to Start/Stop/Pause/Continue any service.  Im starting to finish up that part then im going to work parsing the UnitInfo/FAHlog files.

I think im also going to add option to install the console since there really is no installer for it, this might be tricky since Im not sure how FAH make there configuration files and what not.

Im looking for suggestions, ideas, and people to beta in a couple of weeks when i finish this.

BTW im coding in "Visual Basic Express 2005" which if you haven't checked it out is a really powerfull language with a lot of features that make it really easy to use.  It is NOTHING like VB6, this makes VB6 looks like Quick Basic

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