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My Folding@Home Program/Monitor


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Hi Guys,

Im currently in the proccess of coding out an application that will allow you to control F@H services.  Im hopefull that I will also be able to add some monitoring capabilties to it as well.

If anyone has some code, ideas, questions, or interest in Beta Testing send me a PM.

-the Orange

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I'm writing it in Visual Basic Express 2005... Right now its pretty simple but working.  Its really designed for people who are running dual-core or HT machines since it will control two services and allow you to Start/Stop Pause/Continue Them.  I'm trying to work out a way to have it auto pause both service whenever you open up a game or other .exe that you don't won't FAH running along side with. 

I'm willing to share the source code... right now its kinda simple and not very well commented so I'm going to try and remake it too allow you to add/remove different clients and I'm going to try and get it to work over the network, I haven't been able to get it too work, i believe it uses RPC so I'm not sure how well that works.

If any one wants to try it out just send me your email address. Or if anyone has ideas/features they would like post them too.

Also, if anyone knows VB 2005 Express well i would really like to talk with you

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