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Firefly airing in HD!


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For those of you who don't know what Firefly is, you are missing out on the greatest sci-fi/space/western show ever.  Please take this time to familiarize yourself with the show.

Starting July 28th, UniversalHD is going to rebroadcast the entire series in High Definition.  The channel should be standard in any US HDTV package (not sure about foreign service too much).  Anyway, if you can, please try to watch it and show support for Firefly.  Universal has always been so generous to we Browncoats so let them know we appreciate what they are doing.


(Link should open in a new tab/window)

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... they Axe the show 1/2 way through the series but there willing to release it again in HD? kinda odd, but it does leave little hope that they may pick up on the series again.

Well that was Fox that axed the show half-way through.  It's Universal that's keeping it going.  :-)

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Double Post...

Universal HD just made a new trailer for Firefly which I think is really awesome, check it out:


I know I'm being a UniversalHD whore, but they really being very cool by doing this.

If you can't watch the .mov, you can see the Flash version of the movie here:


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