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CPU core voltage PWM problem


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This is one of those it worked 10 seconds ago cases.

So I start up my ubuntu machine and it fails to boot for some reason, it just hangs. So I press the hard reset and it starts up again and then suddenly turns off before it even POSTs. I press the power button again and nothing happens. Then I pull out the power cable and put it back in. This time it turns on for about 5 seconds and beings to boot. The BIOS POST moniter (its a little number display on the motherboard that shows what it is doing and gives error codes) gets up to 8.6 before it turns off again. That is the code for "Assert PWM for CPU core voltage" which is the last operation is does before it craps out.

I have already cleared CMOS, checked all connections, and followed the useless troubleshooting guide in the manual. Is there anything that can be done or do I need to RMA?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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