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Funny XP install


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So I was installing windows XP pro using a legit CD on this lappy I have. After it copied all the system files and went to the configuration process,  the power cable fell out when it had about 17 minutes left before it was done.

So just for shits I rebooted and was dumped into a buggy windows install. The strange thing is that it did not ask me for any activation, was missing everything on the start menu, the explorer was fubar and would literally send me to random locations when I clicked on anything in it. Overall it was pretty cool.

Just thought I would share.

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it had about 17 minutes left before it was done.

I suppose I could re re install. XD No after it was fubar I just tried again and got it fully installed and activated. I need the laptop now but I might for shits and giggles try to do it on another machine that I have laying around some other time.

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Didn't Work for me. I tried it with an Old Hard Drive, pulled out the power at 17 minutes. Tried to Boot and it got to the login screen, then I got a BSOD.

Why do I get the feeling time would not be a good measure of when to pull the cord? The time it takes to install would depend on the computer specs so would not be the same for everyone, considering you got a BSOD I'd make the assumption his install was further through.

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