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Calling anyone who knows javascript!


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I have a site i'm working on that may require some divs with custom scroll bars (to allow a 780px by 280px box to scroll hozitontally and display more thumb nails). The overflow: auto; function looks fugly IMHO, so i'm looking for a way of allowing custom scroll bars with graphics that fit the site.

So far i've found this "easy script" (FleXcroll) but I have no idea how to make the damn thing work. Tried doing as the author says, tried copying and pasting what I think is the right code from the examples, tried googling my ass off. Before I give up, could anyone shed some light on this code?

If you manage to get this working in a way i can use, i owe you many many beers.

(btw i know this a bad idea to begin with, but I've been asked to look into the custome scroll bars by other students in my group, majority vote etc)

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couldn't you just put the thumb nails in a iframe (What this name invented by apple or some thing?!), and then load the image into another scollbvarless iframe, this would requier some javascript, but not much.

My point of view on websites and java script: A web site should not requier javascript to work (the main exception to this is websites that buy things, offten then make use of javascript to calculate stuff), I don't mind if a website wants to use JavaScript, however, it realy anoys me when a website actualy needs javascript to work at all.

Here is an example: http://www.olympic.org/uk/athletes/index_uk.asp That website looks all wroge with javascript disabled, it doesn;t even have any kind of like interactiv non flash things. Why didn't they use a css?!

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To be honest, after 36 hours of staring at the code wondering what i've fucked up, i'm ready to call it quits and just make the thumbnails smaller. Using this for the images btw:http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/

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Hi, I am the author of the damned thing :) I normally don't give support for free-public-license users but I wanted to drop by (I followed thru referrers if you don't mind) and give some help. If you can send me a test case (emrahb at hesido pünkt com ) I'll try to get it work but no promises. I don't claim fleXcroll is good for everything :)

edit: uh, but I guess you changed the design, but let me know if you still need help..

@sparda, good thing about that script is when user turns off javascript, users can still access the content, just try it on the page.

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My main issue is i can't make heads or tails of it to be honest, this is the 2nd javascript thing i've tried, and the last one was pretty much plug and play. I'll email you though, thanks for dropping in and offering to help me!

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