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need help


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is there a way of getting Command Prompt on a usb dirve which has u3 on it? i want to know cause when i use a library computer it doesnt allow me to use Command Prompt, and i want to use it so  i can hide a program in a picture, when im using that computer. any help would be kool

thanx in advance.


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I remember try some thing like that before, it didn't work. Insted of trying to run 'cmd' run 'command.com'. Any way, why do you need command prompt to hide a program in side a picture? There are loads of stenography programs that have a GUI.

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You could try taking a copy of cmd.exe, its located at %systemroot%system32cmd.exe not sure if it would work though.

i didnt try command. com but i did try the quoted part at the top and that works. i also went to portableapps.com and found there program for it and installed it.

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