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Does anyone know how to hide switchblade from antivirus?


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google: file packer

you should find a few free things.

I doubt this would hide it from an AV, most (if not all) packers that you can find online are detected by AV.

If you are trying to hide it from an AV while you execute it then you will not find an easy solution, If you are trying to hide it while you are not using it then try a encrypted zip file.

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Try Googling "Hexing Your Malware" (without the quotations). This was a suggestion that I read off a post in the old forums. The first link from GovernmentSecurity.org is a forum post with horrible spelling mistakes. I deciphered the instructions, downloaded Hex Workshop, tested, failed, retested, failed, re-retested, failed. (You get the idea?) So I do not suggest that particular article, but there are about 297,000 results so have fun experimenting.... oh.. and deciphering.

- AndyzBong

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