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Slow down a virtual PC


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Is it possible to "slow down time" in a Microsoft Virtual PC environment? Or any environment for that matter.

I wanna play flash games slower than they were intended... :) Like half speed or something like that.

I've been googleing for a while, but can't find anything.

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Doesn’t flash have that option? I've never uses MS VM but most of the ones I have used allow you to specify the processor time you assign. although a quick fix would just be to create and run lots of VM's until it slows you down to the speed you wish, especially considering that flash isn't all that resource intensive (especially in relation to modern OS).

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Run a program inside that same environment that is, like, computing PI to a gazillion decimals, or whatever it takes to eat CPU cycles.

Also, check out this link: http://qemu-forum.ipi.fi/viewtopic.php?t=1264

Seems rather topical, particularly with that last post being just 2 weeks old.

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