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Heres a Batch File to randomly rename the downloadmp3 function indefinitely


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Use at own risk, worked for me, might not for you, backups are good :-)

www. megaupload. com/?d=Q9YK59IZ


BACKĀ  UP YOUR PANDORAGRABBER. JS(doesn't do it for you)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Use the version for your pandoragrabber. js (original for untouched, puppy for the one with the puppydownloadmp3 function)

Extract these files into the same directory as your pandoragrabber. js

(yourpandorainstalldirectoryjspandoragrabber. js)

run RENFUN. bat

Bingo, your new functions names are in the dran1o. txt(downloadMP3) and dran2o. txt(downloadMP3Response) incase you want to change it back.

run it again to rename the functions again, as many times as you like.


Doesn't run in windows xp 64 or vista (doesn't include edlin(and probably not the leet dos 16 bit debug. exe) I believe)

Doesn't run in linux most likely but you have sed anyway and could probably make an elite script.

For leet batchfile developers:

YOU MUST USE A HEX OR BINARY EDITOR on the files, do to the batch file trickery I used to get the CTRL+Z characters and the removal of the endline characters(here's a hint, edit the files with edit /70 "yada" and you'll be better off)

I'm sure theres a better way to do this, and a vb script would of done the job better, but I'm not reading through that documentation again, I got this working and I'm happy.

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Either I did something wrong, or else this isn't working.

I rechecked the grabber file after running this script (puppy version) and the grabber file still had "puppy".

I decided to try it out anyway and run Pandora's Jar and funny enough I was unable to push any buttons. The settings "save" function didn't work, the grab buttond doesn't respond. Nothing.

So I decided to revert back to my backup file. Ran Pandora's Jar again and I was prompted for cookies (i have firefox setup to prompt me for cookies each time a cookie doesn't exist or has expired). After accepting cookies from Local Host, I was able to use the buttons again and got responses for everything (except the grab function, that one showed me the interaction, but no files were saved).

I thought this was interesting so I decided to go for your script's version again.... I closed pandora's jar, deleted all the cookies for localhost, and ran the renfun.bat script again. I then opened up pandora's jar and lo and behold, I wasn't prompted for a new cookie - and none of the buttons worked again.

My conclusion is that the renfun.bat script is doing something to prevent cookies from being loaded, thus making all the grabbing functionality on Pandora useless. Please advise.

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