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Flaw in the latest version of desktop defence


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Look who (that been me) managed to get to the second place: http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/Scoreboard.asp

The layout I used: http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/Vi...scoreid=2067002

So, this IS a flaw (bug) in the games programing/implementation. The bug allows you have to build rapid fire turrets of basically any thing (Squirt and swarm towers work particularly well). This flaw makes it fairly easy to get high scores. I failed to get the first position becasue I suck at the game. And the reason for the random pellet towers every where is that the first time I submitted my score I excluded them and the page just said "Error", I figured that the people who make it set some valid turret boundaries, and apparently I was correct.

How to create the bug (as brief as I can keep it :P):

This bug occurs when you place a turret while the "BLOCKING" message is on screen or the blocking sound is herd. So what you do is try to place the turret in a blocking position and then immediately (half second door of opportunity every time) place it in a non-blocking position. As well as firing much faster they also upgrade much faster.

Any one who happens to have an account (or is willing ti sign up) feel free to link to this from there forum.

Edit: For now have only tested this on Linux with Flash 9 (9,0,31,0), I'd be surprised if it doesn't work on other platforms.

Edit 2: Tested on Windows: Flash 9 (9,0,28,0), works. Any one got a spare mac?


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