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well its not like that, what happened was;

I found a major security hole, that let me access every file on the C2KNI network(ie every school PC in NI), so  i reported it. They made me white hat it and write a nice long report, in the report i told them to throw the Severs into a separate WIn Workgroup that pupils/teachers have NO access to. They did so, but the egits forgot to patch all the clients first telling them to login in to the new WG. so to my knowledge ATM there running around with disks doing patches.


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Most school systems these days have IT guys on hand. If they can not do their job even when you help them out like that then that school system is in for some trouble in the future. I have noticed in most cases that public school's IT guys tend to be lone rangers, so when you told them that they probably had a huge work load put on his plate. I tend to cut people like that some slack since they are in most cases up against a wall when it comes to what the school system wants and what they can actually set up.

If you are looking for a job try and see if you can get a job from them. It will give you good experience and you will be on the inside in case you need to for any reason look around, but by the sound of it you already can. Pretty much all tech jobs require some sort of technical experience, especially for administration jobs, so any experience you can get out of the way it might be a good idea.

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Realistically the systems would be fine. Each school has their own profiles on their own network, only their access to the C2K network would have been effected. Students can still access their work, they just lose a potiental resource for a few hours. I doubt most even noticed. It's not like suddenly every bit of data on all school computers in N.Ireland was unsecure and the fix knocked em all out. Every school has its own IT guys and secure internal network setup. The effect on a school to school level would have been minimal, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Just sit back and enjoy the fact you brought a little chaos and excitement to some peoples lives heh. Even if we don't admit it, tech guys love a bit of drama. Makes you feel like Jack Bauer! heh.

Also its 'eejit' or 'ejit' is acceptable. I hate people spell correcting, it's a total dick-move I know but I'm proud of our little irish sayings and I just wanted to help for future usage.

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