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Ipod apple/Windows help


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So, my uncle paid a friend of his to archive a bunch of music onto his new Ipod (30gb).  The kid did as asked, but when my uncle went to add a few songs from his xp machine he, he was unable to.  Apparently the kid formatted the Ipod for a mac and now my uncle cannot add/modify/del ect. anything from the Ipod.  He is strictly a windows user.  So now we have a 30gb Ipod completely full of obscure indie music that has no backup.  I know there is a way to get the music off of that Ipod before formatting it on a windows machine, but for the life of me I cannot find out how, do you know?



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Linux (at least Ubuntu) supports (at least) reading of hfs volumes (don't know about writing).

:O could it be that Ubuntu cant do every think that windows can!?

Whats needed is for 'MacDisk for windows' to be installed on the machine, then i suggest getting that data off, re-formating to Fat32 / NTFS (if iPods can do it) and putting the data back on, its just easier and doesnt cause as many issues, Windows Still has 75%+ of market share, so u might as well meet the needs of the people.

MacDisk for windows: http://www.macdisk.com/mden.php3

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