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l33t 4 passwords

Ethan Hunt

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I started practicing this a while back, and I'm not saying it's something unheard of, but I thought I state it here just so maybe someone else thinks it's a good idea and starts doing it. USE LEET SPEAK FOR MAKING UP PASSWORDS. I know that everyone today suggests passphrases as a more secure option, but just in case you want a one word password you should use leet to write it. For example even choosing a password like: "password" and writing it as "p455w0rd" instead, makes it more secure. Think about it :D

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Old license plate numbers, former zip codes, your employee ID at a previous job....

Be creative, combine, and keep it personal. A combination of things that relate only to you.

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Just memorize this if you haven't already, http://www.asciitable.com/, then just assign a value to each letter and it makes it easy to remember but harder to work out.
I was just about to suggest this

at school everyone kept trying to 'hack' my password by watching me enter it so I stared using alt + the number-pad it's a lot harder to remember 30-40 numbers and a 8-20 char password (when you get as fast as I was...) but alas I only knew my passwords and hove since lost the skill

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actually i once cracked one of my old passwords that was a "l33t pass" hmm..?!  it took like 5 sec. to crack it ..

what i'm doing now is using keepass -> http://keepass.info/

which works on linux and windows it's a kind of pw generator/manager that gives you passwords like : ,InduzajR}["-6>yf2H3(Q(E=Fr?K 

or better -  the programm generates a database  *.kdb file that i encrypt with truecrypt as a word file container  .

i think it must be pretty sure


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