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Can some one please explain the tv hack in episode 8


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im not sure exactly how you guys got the pc to run to all tv's..actualy i only want it on my one tv in my room , i coud live with that. i have a tv tuner card for a pc i can throw in to my machine so thats tv in...i also have a rf modulator box from an old dvd player. how can i use this to get it on my tv. i dont have any svideo on tv or pc. i only have some rca on my tv with a cable connection. i want to get into using media portal and record shows on my pc and watch on the tv. any help would be great

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I don't think there's a way to get your computer hooked to your TV without a TV-out card of some kind... the rf modulator would only help if you had composite (or SVideo) out from your computer...

IIRC, there was something I saw once on hacking a DVI-out from a video card to output a digital Tv signal, but that requires a vid card with a digital output, modding skills and excellent Linux knowledge and maybe a little electronics theory knowledge (and a digital TV receiver).

but other than that, I recommend getting a cheap graphics card with a TV-out... that should make things much easier and you should get a satisfactory picture on the TV... I personally suggest an NVidia card, since ATI cards sometimes have issues with quite a lot of TVs... good luck!

Edit: Noticed you say the TV doesn't have S-Video... if you have SCART, you can use a SCART > S-Video/Composite adaptor or if you're comfortable with electronics you could attempt to use the RF modulator from the DVD player (assuming it was ripped from the inside). The RF modulator requires a signal of whatever kind, and assuming it's composite (it might not be, I don't know much about the internals of DVD players) then you could use the TV-out from a video card and send it through the modulator and use the antenna in on your TV...

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