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vm ware vs partations


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I'm using just about all os's between my job and school and i use vmware a lot but the os's run kinda sluggish because of the default drivers that it uses not saying that there crap but they make my system slow... so i was thinking that i would use partitions on the drive insted but then they sys resources are not pooled anymore. is there a better way to use vmware?

PS its vmware server edition

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as long as you install vmware tools (go to VM->install vmware tools) the OS shouldn't run that slow (unless ofcourse you haven't got enough ram in the host, or haven't assigned enough to the vm). If that's not working out for you try something like virtual box or virtual PC and MS's other vm package.

if you are still having issues with speed sure you can go to multiple partitions, but it's nowhere near as convenient.

what sort of PC are you running these on, especially important is how much ram it has, and how much ram are you assigning to the VM's? what are the guest OS's and what host OS?

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ok, what is the host OS, and what are the guest OS's, and how much ram do the guests have assigned? it could also be the laptop hard drive limiting you.

but as i said, if the guest os's are compatible, install vmware tools, and if thats not working out, give a few of the other vm solutions a try. personally i like virtual box because of some of the awesome features such as auto guest resolution change when switching between fullscreen and windowed, and when you resize a window (so in effect, the whole screen is always visible). and performance of it is good too imo. nothing beats vmware's networking stuff though.

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