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Windows Failure


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My computer must hate me.  I was poking around the back of my computer and accidentally pulled out the power cord.  Now windows refuses to boot.  It gets to the part where it has the XP logo and looks like it's booting windows, then it just restarts.  I know it is a software issue because I am typing this out on another installation of XP on a different partition.  This is the third time this has happened in a month and a half.  Any fixes besides a clean install?

The file system on both partitions is NTFS.

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Is there anything I can do to ensure this doesn't happen again.  It is now summer and power outages are inevitable.  If the repair doesn't work I can't keep restoring it.  The thing is, I've owned this computer for almost 3 years now and it hasn't happened before this.

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Repair the MBR? WTF? It starts to boot windows but craps out. Try running it in safemode and seeing if it throws an error message. If not, you have probally tanked windows. Reinstall Windows over the old version and start again.

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hmm try repairing the MBR

... WTF? that wasnt me!


U might wanna try chkdisk in XP's restor consol, though ur best bet would be to install XP over XP as Vako mentioned. Though this has issues if ur install has SP2 and ur Disk inst, so u may need to use another PC and slipstream SP2 onto ur disk.

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