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SD card lock slide hack


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I have a broken 2GB sd card. It still functions but the slide "lock" switch and corresponding  conductor fell out and I am stuck. I am pretty sure it's an easy fix as all I'll  need to do is solder some pins of the chip together. I was wondering if anyone has a image or knows which pins I need to solder. I will scourge the web for answers until then. I would do it myself but have no other sd cards.

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I would copy the files off in the meantime. Be sure to back them up whatever you decide, as heat from trying to tin an sd card may destroy it. Best option is just to buy a new one. They are so cheap these days, you can probably get one of the same size or larger for about 20-30 dollars and your better off with a new one at this point if you can not write to it anymore, but only read from it.

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Hey I am not really a newbie at this. I have backups and plenty of SD cards. I was curious if anyone new the schematics of a SD card. Plus I have a variable heat soldering pen and a stereo microscope and a BS in computer engineering, so I am ready to try it out.

I ask mainly because I looked on ggogle and ended up with a link to a messed up pdf file that was suppose to be the data sheet.


the flash memory is samsung  K9K8G08U0M

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IF your looking to have fun then i would say go for it.  But if your looking to salvage a SD card then your wasting your time.

I would just crack it open and look at the contacts and trace them back to a point that is solderable.  you might be able to find some really small switches that you could use to replace it, or just hardwire it as unlocked.

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