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Right Click Menu Request


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So I play this game called EVE.  In it they have a right-click select all.

I have gotten so used to it that I am getting cranky not having it built into windows.  I have no idea how to get this done.  I use simple addons like the good old "right click folder open in CMD prompt" but can not find my now much sought after select all.

Tips or does someone want to make it?

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blah blah blah, bash bash bash.  The main reason I use that feature is to be more lazy.  Also on a laptop I use a wireless mouse with no extra buttons.

On my main sys I am trying out a MX Rev.  little odd but working good.  I just updated to the 4.0 software..  they finally took user comments into play for button bindings. So no tweak needed on here.

The main reason I wanted it on the right click was to be quicker when I am teaching people how to do something on their comp..  I do one-on-one classes for newb parents that dont know how to use a laptop/windows.  It makes it so I can "fix" their system while teaching.  Making them hit ctrl-A while im beside them takes too long (moving photos and other crap).

Stingwray: For about 1 year and 4 months..  cant tell atm Revelations update.

Elmer: send to menu sucks more than right click menu.

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