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To Everyone Having Problems [FIXES!]


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A lot of people are having the following problems:

a)Pandora won't load, and in its place is a light blue screen or a screen asking you to upgrade to Flash 9.

b)Grab button won't do anything.

This thread is meant to hopefully fix these problems for you. These are old, but still working fixes. It seems all the old makers of these fixes aren't active on these forums anymore, so they can't tell you how to fix these problems, but their fixes are still laying about the forum, waiting to be put together for all to see. Well, here you go, I've organized the fixes.

To problem a, where Pandora will not load:

I found using Razor512's fix to fool Pandora into thinking you have Flash 9 installed causes this problem (though, of course, there may be other causes of it!). To fix this, you must use the Greasemonkey fix, credit to Fasta_Playa:

P.S. If you  used Razor512's fix, you can still leave it installed-as long as you have Greasemonkey on it doesn't cause the Pandora not loading problem.

Step 1: go to http://greasemonkey.mozdev.org/  or https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/748/ and install the extension

Step 2: restart firefox then click on this link and install the script


this will fix the flash problem and allow you to use flash 8 with pandora.

To fix problem b, where Grab button does nothing, follow this 2-part fix:

P.S. FYI, Part 1 makes cruise control work, Part 2 makes grab button work. I definetly recommend doing both.

Part 1 credit MrMath and Birra:

Those sneaky guys over at Pandora.

Here's the fix:

0) Make a backup copy of pandoraGrabber.js in the pandorajs folder.

1) Open pandoraGrabber.js in your favorite editor. Note that Windows users may need to use WordPad instead of Notepad

2) Replace every instance of "downloadMP3" with "pandorasJarDownloadMP3"

3) Replace every instance of "downloadMP3Response" with "pandorasJarDownloadMP3Response"

4) Save the new file

Start pandora over again.

Part 2 credit Shuegal:

If you want the manual mode to work, you  also have to edit (with Notepad) the pandoraGrabber.html file with the same modifications as mentionned above. It took me some time to figure that out...

A good hint from Canmil:

just make sure you type everything right, because the changes in the .js and .html files are case sensitive!

Good luck!

A last P.S.-Feedback appreciated!

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Is this info current?

I've been trying Razor512's installer and those have strings like "puppyDownloadMP3" and "puppyDownloadMP3Response".

So in notepad I've tried a search and replace (CTRL+H) of "DownloadMP3" with "pandorasJarDownloadMP3".

This leaves me with strings like "puppypandorasJarDownloadMP3" and "puppypandorasJarDownloadMP3Response".

Those don't work, and seem weird, so I've tried taking out the "puppy".  No difference. . .  I click "Grab This Track" and it says:

"Fetching ID3 information and tagging MP3 for artist.  (the name) song (the name). . . . "  but nothing happens after that.  I've tried the cruise control too, but no matter what nothing appears in c:pandoramp3 , and there are no error messages.

It would be helpful if somebody could post a working pandoraGrabber.js and pandoraGrabber.html .  I can PM you my email if you need me to arrange hosting, but come on, they're 2 tiny text files, surely you can find your own. . . .

Thanks for any help.

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ok.  i unfortunately am still having problems with this error: unable to rip MP3 unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser

i have downgraded to flash 8 so i'm at a bit of a loss as to what else i could do. . .  any ideas?

nevermind, i'm an idiot - i figured it out.

but  have another question. i download the .exe version from <a href="http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,6014.0.html">this post</a> and i'd like to know if there's a way to bypass the default port 80 and get it to use a different port?

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