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Thinking Outside The Console (Box)


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I'm looking to add a little more to the talk I will be doing at DefCon 15, and will add your name (or alias) to the references slide - if you can anything I have not already covered. I am interested in all game consoles, but have a focus (at the moment) on: PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, Xbox, Xbox360, GameCube and Wii.

NOTE: This is NOT a discussion on cheating online. Had a nit wit on another board think I was trying to figure a way to cheat online... Whatever... :)

The talk is titled "Thinking Outside The Console (Box)"

Here's the write up: "Having seen the ads this last holiday season, you think you might know all there is to know about the new crop of console game systems. But are these, and other console game systems, just for fun and games? Could they be used for other purposes?? Yes they can. With the advent of more powerful consoles many systems have the ability to do just about anything - after all they are still computers. Two years ago I gave a presentation at ToorCon discussing the hackability and usability of hand-held game systems. Since then, I have looked at all of the popular game consoles and researched their collective potential as platforms of covert penetration testing. Many of these machines can be easily modified to execute code not originally meant for game systems. In this topic I will discuss how game consoles can be used as another avenue in the penetration of your network..."

To see some of the things I have been tracking, publicly, you can hit my blog (listed below).

I hope to post some of the items I have concerning the PS2 and PSP after the weekend. I'm a little short on scintillating items concerning the PS3 - outside of loading Linux on it. If you have any interest in helping out with this please contact me either through this forum or directly at the email address below. To see a version of this talk, that centered on the PSP, check:


--- Here's an item I am currently working on ---

Example: A couple of weeks ago I bought the GPS unit for one of my PSPs and have since downloaded Deniska's MapThis. Having the device and software is sweet, and their usage already goes beyond the intent for what the PSP was originally marketed for, but I want to go a step beyond this. Just not certain if the PSP is 100% capable of handling it, design wise... Now that there is a GPS and some sweet mapping software (thanks Deniska), can the PSP handle, at the same time, wireless access point discovery. That's right - I wanna try war walking with *just* the PSP. I can already do with this any stock PSP - but I want a map of where I saw these points (for outside discovery).

I'm looking into items such as these for the presentation.

As for the PSP being a war walker's tool with the GPS attached... I'm still looking into that. With the attachment there may be some hits on the PSPs effective use for direction finding (the antenna runs under where the GPS is attached). The wireless sensitivity on my PSPs is such that I normally can use my body to help deflect signals emanating from behind me and help focus the PSP on signals in front.

Have to ask Deniska how hard it might be to have his software take input from the wifi unit and just create a file that contains GPS points where the wifi found something. Then that file could be loaded up in a specialized GPS MapThis viewer (on the PSP, or PC) with the maps originally used. It could then show the points where there was a wifi presence. If this can be done - that's one heck of a new tool... : )


Thanks for your help ; )

- Squidly1

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might want to watch ep 2x04 Alli and Darren did a piece on the Nintendo DS mod with linux and ep 2x02 Doom on the iPod using Linux, I know Ipod isn't a games console or is it? :) there are threads in the forums for both of those and Linux Doom on the psp :) /me longs for the good ol days of the BFG 9000 ;)

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I'm talking at DefCon on the alternative uses of various video game consoles, and will also be presenting a demonstration and mini-talk about the PSP in particular (and maybe the DS) at the WiFi Village. If you want to be a full participant, or just want to play along, make sure your PSP is running at least firmware 1.50 *OR* one of Dark_Alex's custom firmwares. I highly suggest installing 3.40OE-A...

If you have a PSP with Sony's official 3.50 firmware, don't fret. There's now a downgrader for it. Last weekend Archaemic and Noobz (PSP coders) released the Illunimati exploit (a Hello World) and three days later Fanjita (another coder), with the help of some unnamed others, worked to bust out a 3.50 firmware downgrader.

I'm upping all the tools to downgrade your PSP to my site now. To see a video of the downgrader in action, hit the below YouTube link:

For the files you need, check my link:


From there, upgrade your minty new 1.50 machine to Dark_Alex's 3.40OE-A firmware. You'll be able to play all the newer games AND run all the tools I will be showing off in my DefCon talk and WiFi Village demonstration.

- Squidly1

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This dude named Paul Slocum uses an assortment of 8-Bit hardware to produce tones to create music, including the Atari 2600.



Also, BSoDtv did a few segments involving alternative uses for the Nintendo Gameboy. There were tone dialing applications (DTMF, and prolly some redbox tones) also, the infrared port on gameboys allows for the transmission of signals of the spectrum which they mentioned the use of wargramming with.

http://bsodtv.wiihost.net/BSoD_Episode_11.aviĀ  (First segment in episode)

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You might want to check out the article on the PS1's CD player being worth $6,000 dollars because of the quality of sound it outputs.

Thanks for the link but NOD32 cracks the shits when you go to the site. It detects JS/Tivso.14a.gen trojan, I tried searching Google and it seems to be new. Does anyone know anything about it?

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I found a blog where the guy claimed that Hotmail triggered for this virus aswell. Apparently it was a false positive in the 2365 definition file of 30 june. The 2366 file of 1 july fixed it. Could you perhaps update your virus definition file and try again?

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