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USB Pocket-Knife Development


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Ill test and QA!

i don't know if i have enough time to code :(

All contributions will be good contributions ;)

Why did laepo just ignore his thread? He could just tell us that he doesn't want to continue the development, instead of making people wonder where he's been for the past 2 months or so.

If you know it, make us know... I think he's very busy but we don't know the exact matter.

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Why did laepo just ignore his thread? He could just tell us that he doesn't want to continue the development, instead of making people wonder where he's been for the past 2 months or so.

who cares just write one yourself.

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its dead.

IRC with leapo

matessim> hi

<matessim> leapo?

<Leapo> speaking

<matessim> So, whats up, is the USB project dead?

<matessim> So many people in the forum are wondering.

<Leapo> pretty much. No switchblade works on Vista, the hole has been plugged, end of story

<matessim> well, XP is alot to live for

<matessim> what do you mean Plugged

<matessim> Autorun is dead?

<Leapo> Vista asks for confirmation before it allows an autorun

<matessim> ( I don't know, i use Fedora/Ubuntu dual boot for now)

<matessim> well, XP is a damn big target

<matessim> hell, about 2-3 of my friends use vista

<matessim> rest still use good old XP

<matessim> the switchblade is totally dead for XP

<matessim> nothing works, it seems.

<Leapo> all my computers run vista, all the computers at my college run vista or OSX, I havn't seen a Windows Xp machine in over a month

<matessim> i live in israel

<matessim> Vista,gladly

<matessim> still is thought

<matessim> as a piece of crap

<matessim> as we both know thats just

<matessim> plain stupid

<matessim> So many don't here.

<matessim> all people here use XP.

<matessim> Adoption of vista in other places than US is less than good

<Leapo> I make no promises as far as the next release goes. I'm not interested in it anymore

<matessim> Ok, Thanks for your time.


he just said

Leapo> I'll see if I can knuckle down and push out one last bugfix release

<Leapo> but, no promises

matessim> thank you

<matessim> :)

<Leapo> :-)

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Just a thought but have you considered a "Self Destruct" in this payload that say if this email account did get a email it didn't send but that there was one with a subject or code or something with a little nudge that would delete the payload like if someone found something out and tried to pin it on you and you have no physical access to it now other then the email. so what i am saying is you send the email that computer see's it and removes itself. I know it sounds a whole lot different if you mess up what i said like delete all files on the computer just to be mean but maybe you could lol a real Kill command. like the people I know dont leave there computers alone long enough for me to vnc into them to remove or add anything.

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Hey, so i'm a bit late in the game it seems, but i keep getting "file not found" messages whenever i run the auto update script, also cannot enable any of the functions when using menu.bat, mine's a non-U3 device, if that helps, any stupid mistakes i'm making?


EDIT-- Fixed it, Thanks!!

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Ok, Pocket-Knife isn't still dead.

Some known people in the forums is developing new functionallities that can be added to the payload.

I'm working in my few free time trying to fix bugs and adding some other stuff to the pocketknife payload. Some of the forum users are doing their work and we are collaborating in keeping the payload alive.

I hope, it will work all right on:

  • - Correction of the "file not found" Error given while checking for mounted devices not present.

- Cleaning of the code, specially with the use of variables.

- Updating of all the programs used by the payload.

- Extended detection of correct installation paths with reliable path method.

- Total functionallity on other machines with non English installation languages.

- Slurping for concrete files and/or concrete paths.

- Slurping actions on all the users accounts of the PC.

- Keylogger correct installation.

- Results into an html way.

- Adding a hidden administrator account of the user election with remote privileges.

- Trying to look for a way to make the payload running on Vista systems (not sure).

- Free election for retrieving results of the payload by different ways: email, ftp, http+PhP+SQL

- Killing av tasks.

- Addition of some of the stuff contained into the Tcstool payload U3 Incident Response Payload, thanks to Tcstool.

- Addition of some of the stuff contained into the DingleBerries payload DingleBerries Tantō Payload, thanks to DingleBerries.

- alexthedrifter is adding some useful new stuff to the payload, and working on a GUI to easy configuration of the payload options, thanks to alexthedrifter.

- And more...

Also I want to look for help/ideas into:

  • - Translating the payload into other languages to have your own language spoken results payload. (I'll do the work for spanish language).

- Code scripting to do the stuff done by the av detected nirsoft programs.

Just wait a bit, I'm not plenty of time but working on it... And before releasing a version, I want it free of bugs.

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Has anyone tried to incorporate Tor into this switchblade?

I don't know if it's possible to automate the Tor - Vidalia install and have it run silent.

I don't think it's a great idea, but something worth looking into.

wouldn't the world be a better place with more Exit Nodes???

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Go.Vbs error? Can someone point me in the right direction.. also

how do you change the way you browse the threads on this forum? This whole viewing one post at a time thing is really really awful.


Okay, I'm retarded. My thumb drive wasnt formatted as a u3 device,, err it didn't come with the software on it. I'm assuming I use this Universal Customizer with the pocket-knife image. We'll see!

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mafgar as to your thumb drive question at the bottom, no you need a drive with U3 installed on it. All U3 devices have slightly different innards then a regular thumb drive. Go to your local walmart and pick up a: Sandisk U3 Micro Cruzer. 10-60$ Depending on size, youll only need a 1gb.

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