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Metascript Runtime Environment Images


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So, lets say you write a program in Metascript. When run, it will not harm the host system it resides on? It only executes in a virtual environment, so in the event it crashes or does something off the wall, your main system will still be stable and running. Do I have that right?

Also, when run in Metascript, will it interact with the host system to perfom real tasks on the host system, or does it just run these virtually only to test the results of the output?

Guess a few of us still don't fully understand how it works. Maybe a video demonstration would help us grasp this a little better. I see the screen shots you posted for the other systems, but not sure exactly what it is I am looking at.

When I want to test something I am writing, I load up XP in VMware and run things on that side of the fence to not mess up  my real machine. I assume that is what Metascript is for? Or is it meant to run strictly inside of something like VMware?

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think of java or python. meta script is meant to be a similar vm based language, correct TomB?

I think I get it now. Like Microsoft used to have a JavaVM instead of using Suns Java?

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boristsr has the right idea.  It will execute code inside the runtime environment, if the application crashes the runtime environment, only the environment will crash, not the system.  It will be solely based upon modules that developers write, and contribute, so anything the modules allow, Metascript will be able to do.  For example there will be a console module, that allows input, and output from the console, a file module, allowing file input and output.

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