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Need a Payload


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Hey guys, I have been following the switchblade development  for a while now, I try to help when I can but I stay very very busy with my job. I have a request I, if any one gets some free time I need a payload with these packages in it. If I can manage to get enough free time I will make it, the whole reason I am doing this is I have a co-worker that  claims he can make any app AV proof. So if it works I will share it, if not someone wasted a little bit of their time. Ether way thank you.

Arming/Disarming the drive

System info

Network Services

Port Scan

Dump Product Keys

Dump Wifi Hex

Dump Network PW

Dump messenger PW

Dump Firefox PW

Dump IE PW

Dump LSA secrets

Port Scan

Dump URL History

VNC Installer

I have until monday befor my coworker goes back to the main office and lose my chance at this =(.

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I couldn't find Network services or LSA Secrets, and the VNC install package on the wiki is jacked.

Extract this to your drive's root. Double click start.bat to run, disarm.bat to disarm, and arm.bat to arm.


If your drive is U3, here is a U3CUSTOM.ISO file to use with the Universal Customizer that will autorun the payload.


I didn't comment the code, but it's easy enough to understand. You should definitely read it and edit it for your tastes.

Wow, an entire payload in about an hour. Not bad for a script kiddy like me.

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