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Whats a Good Linux Distro for the n00b windows to linux user


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well i just decided to completly switch to linux but

so i installed ubuntu...and well its slow my computer cant really handle it

does anyone know of a linux distro that is idea for the novice linux user

like something that will help me learn linux

and not a liveCD i had knoppix

it was cool but its only on live

any suggestions would be nice


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idk just everything is just slower then when i had xp

i run firefox and it takes a good 2 min to start up

and everything just lags

and alot of the times i lag

like after i post this firefox will lag

my mouse will freeze and will unfreeze in about a minute

i really liked knoppix even for a liveCD it went faster then ubuntu

i sure i configured everything

and uninstalled Beryl

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Run cpuid (google it) and paste the results here. Do the same with the output from top, iostat, vmstat etc. Somewhere in there will be a large number that will probally be your problem. Ubuntu can be a bit messy on older kit so if your machine falls under a certain threshold then you'll need to look at xubuntu or something along those lines. Redhat based distro's (I like CentOS myself) are pretty newbie proof/easy to use.

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if i were u i would look into getting a new computer (the computer i pull out of the trash have 256 on them lol) but also i have found live cd's to be very slow but when i have installed them it wasn't 1/2 as bad i personally love Ubuntu i fined it to be an easy and quick fix of an OS when building a crap computer

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dude ive been trying to get a newer/better computer for a very very long time

and as for that command you guys wanted me to run

i decided to instal Ark -linux

but my Konsole will not run it crashes

also this problem i keep having it is literly starting to really really piss me off

my damn moniter will sometimes just shutoff randomly

and no matter what it wont turn on so i have to unplug it and plug it back in

its just AHHHH

ya kno

i was looking at slackware since my dads freind gave me a giant slackware guide

book thingy lol

any other suggestions would be nice as well

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haha thats the way, jump in the deep end!  :-)

FreeBSD is simple, and coming from windows I found it to make far more sense than linux. It even has a manual. I will admit that the xorg upgrade is painful but hey. At least its not like ubuntu.

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