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Two Xbox 360s on the same Internet connection


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Basically, I already explained this to another friend, so I'm just cutting and pasting and throwing it together in to sentences.

Apparently if you have two Xbox 360's using the same Internet connection both wired to the router in some way, if you try to play the same game neither of them will be able to play online. Now, the only technical reason for this would be that the port forwarding stops working becasue the Xboxs are trying to use UPnP to open the same port. Apparently, for some reason, if you connect one of the 360s using wireless it will work.There is no technical reason that this would change the situation. The only possible reasons I'v come up with are either: It's a Microsoft policy that two wired 360's on the same Internet connection aren't allowed to play or who ever found this out actually connected to some one else's wireless.

Any ideas?

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