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Need a favor


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I am working on a site for some friends of mine. I have tested it in Opera and IE6. Can someone open it in Firefox and Netscape(if you have it) and tell me if all the links load properly. I have it set to open in an I-frame on the inner part of the site, but I know there are problems with Netscape and I-frames, and I am not sure about Firefox.  I don't have either installed, and don't really plan on it, so if anyoen can test it and tell me if there are any errors or problems loading the site, I need to address it. Also, if you have a MAC, please let me know how it renders on there as well. I don't have access to my pc at the moment so I can't load any VM's with Firefox or other browsers at the moment, so thanks in advance.

Basic requirements are 1024x768 or larger display, Javascript and Flash 8 or later.


Please no flames on the layout as I am still redoing the old portions of the site, so the inner pages are not tight and aligned with the new frame sizes or color theme yet.(this is the old layout: http://www.saintsinnerent.com/frame.html so you can see why nothing fits in the new i-frame layout yet) I just need to make sure that it will open in multy browsers.

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Ok. IE, Opera and FireFox work good. Anyone have Netscape installed to verify if it is showing the I-Frames. I used to have to add something to page to get them to show up properly in Netscape, but I can't remeber what it was at the moment. If it works in the latest version, then that is all I am concerned about. Still need to know about any MAC browsers as well or any other browsers you may have and can check with.

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It could be useful if you make a Low Bandwidth/Low Speed Option as some internet connections are slow. I have some serious Torrenting going so it takes a long time.

Good Point. I will see if I can compress the images more without sacrificing image quality. I haven't been on dialup in 5 years or more, so it's hard to gauge how quickly things load for others, but I do understand the need for smaller files.

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