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Network Printer Issue


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Hey all, need a little help locating a service Manuel for hp laserjet 4000n.....for freebies ;). 

One of our older network printers decided to get borked and sounds like a jackhammer when attempting to print.  No really, its so loud we can hear it on the bottom floor of the building and its not printing.  I can clearly see that the gears and moter that drive the feed mechanism aren't working properly.  However, to get to them I need to disassemble quite a bit of the printer.....hence I would love a service manual. 

I know your saying why not buy another and well we may have too....but then we dont get our new microtek scanner :)....and i wants my new toy.

thanks for the help, even pages to search for the manual myself would be great.


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You tried calling HP and asking for a copy to be mailed out or if its online anywhere? Sometimes these company's can be quite friendly (segate sent me special scsi HD jumpers for free). Just ham it up a bit, tell them you need to nail it back together until your budget review or something, then ask what would be a good replacement for future reference. If you get your SE hat on it should be easy.

There is also




So you (or your office) can just buy it for a small charge.



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thanks vako! I'll look at those sites a bit.  I called hp and they wanted to charge me money for the manual and or send it in......f-that, i know theres a PDF out there somewhere on the net, and I could take it apart anyways i just dont wanna be holding some part after reassembly and being like....hmmmm must be extra ( haha like that extra lego piece / nut or bolt you always end up with ROFL!!)

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