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Just finished an interface customization spree, here are the results...pretty clean I think:

So we have Windows XP here with a few apps and toolbars running:

- Moved my desktop icons into Rocket dock (mostly because I can have the dock pop-over a maximized window on demand).

- Installed VisualToolTip to get the Vista style pop-up taskbar previews.

- Installed the Royal Nior theme (there are other themes out there, but every other one I've tried has something wrong with it)

- Added games and apps menus to the taskbar using FreeLaunchBar, with only the shortcuts to the actually programs themselves (I have shortcuts to everything in there, I hardly ever use the start menu anymore, unless I'm looking for an uninstaller for something)

- Turned off the shellstyle in explorer and turned the Status Bar on.

- Installed YZ Toolbar to get rid of the flag in upper-right corner of Explorer windows.

- Installed QT Breadcrumbs Address bar, which adds a fully functional Vista breadcrumb bar to Explorer.

- Turned off the forward, back, up a level, etc buttons because the breadcrumb bar makes them redundant (I don't know why the forward and back buttonseven included with Vista, if I could turn them off I would)

- Installed QT TabBar to add folder tab functionality and folder-contents previews to Explorer.

- Installed QT Tab Standard Buttons to get the fully functional Vista search box (narrows down items in the folder), as well as extra function buttons for QT TabBar (arrow next to the search box is hiding them).




I cropped out my second monitor because (a) it was blank at the time, and (b) it would have made these screenshots ungodly wide.

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